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Fisher Innovation

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Building ideas with technology and imagination


Welcome to Fisher Innovation, my name is Matt Fisher and I am an interactive developer who lives and works in San Francisco California.

With a passion for developing state of the art technology that drives the future of the web, Matt has spent the last 10+ years working with some of the best development teams engineering a wide variety of cutting edge technology. As a Video Playback Engineer at Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, Matt developed video playback solutions used by more than 100 million community members watching more than 1.7 million broadcasters every month. As a Senior Developer at Jam3, recognized as Canada’s top development team at the prestigious Digi Awards (2011), Matt worked on many award-winning projects such as Byzantium Tests, Bear 71, FedEx Earthsmart, Jam3.com, Bjork.com and many more. Matt is also the author of HTML5 for Flash Developers, published by Packt Publishing. It can be found online and in bookstores worldwide.

Matt has taught at Centennial College, The University of Toronto and Ryerson University. He's also spoken and led workshops at FITC and at other development user groups.

Email fisher.matt at gmail.com

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Highlighted Work

VR Experiments

Year 2016 | Project Type: Software

To get a better understanding of the development changes and limitations with VR development I decided to write a VR application from the ground up.

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Year 2015 | Project Type: Hardware

Pushing the Limits of Unmanned Aircraft Piloting

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Year 2013 | Project Type: Software

Fisher Innovation STLCAD is a web based HTML5 model preparation and slicing application for use when preparing 3D models for output on a 3D printer.

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Automated Greenhouse

Year 2013 | Project Type: Hardware

The Fisher Innovation Automated Greenhouse is a experimental prototype contained hydroponic greenhouse with automated climate control for use in small spaces. The project contains two major platforms of development, the greenhouse containment unit as well as the greenhouse controller which are both completely open source and open to public contribution.

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HTML5 for Flash Developers

Year 2013 | Project Type: Written

HTML5 for Flash Developers is a practical, targeted guide for developers with previous experience in developing applications in Flash who would like to add HTML5 development to their skill set. By understanding key aspects that make HTML5 development different from Flash you will be able to integrate your current skill set into the HTML5 development paradigm.

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The Printable Future

Year 2013 | Project Type: Written

As agency projects continue to push the boundaries of interaction, 3D printing enables designers to bring their imaginations to life, and quickly – Matt Fisher considers the place of the 3D printer in a modern office.

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Year 2012 | Project Type: Software

Ellie is a Fisher Innovation project creating a customized voice recognition system with assistance capabilities for use in the home. Ellie can take in spoken English commands, perform tasks and calculations and respond via synthesized speech.

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Bear 71 - Jam3

Year 2012 | Project Type: Website

Bear 71 is a 2012 interactive National Film Board of Canada (NFB) web documentary by Leanne Allison and Jeremy Mendes about a grizzly bear in Banff National Park, who was collared at the age of three and was watched her whole life via trail cameras in the park.

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Byzantium Tests - Jam3

Year 2012 | Project Type: Website

We're not for everyone. Just the 1% that matters.

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EarthSmart - Jam3

Year 2012 | Project Type: Website

EarthSmart was created to encourage environmental responsibility within the FedEx community, for both the Earth’s benefits and for yours. We’ve done things like install solar panel fields at hub facilities, build all-electric trucks and even helped transport endangered sea turtles to more sustainable breeding grounds. After all, when you deliver millions of packages to 220 countries every day, you can’t help but want to make the world a better place.

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