Jam3 Byzantium Tests (2012)

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Project Overview

As part of a wider promotion for Cinemax's Hunted, we wanted to create a story experience within a game-like setting, that slowly revealed the darker, more complex nature of the fictional company at the heart of the show. Our brief was to create a dynamic entertainment experience with built-in social sharing, that introduced the lead character, and created buzz in advance of the show premiere. Developed with a cognitive psychologist, the site offers a series of five increasingly creepy tests, with a killer finale that has to be seen to be believed

Hunted's 'Byzantium Tests' on Google's Creative Sandbox

Project Stats

September 12, 2012

launch date

Campfire & Jam3

agencies involved

nViso Facial Recognition, Mechanical Turk, Reddit Login, Facebook Connect

technology used


visits in the first 10 weeks


minutes 'Average Time on Site'


times that it hit the front page of Reddit
Honours & Awards
Internet Advertising Competition Awards
Best Entertainment Website 2013 Details
CILO Awards
Games Category Winner 2013 Details
FITC Awards
Best Advertisment 2013
Gold for Technical Innovation 2013 Details
Ad Age's Small Agency Awards
Campaign of the Year 2013 Details
Digi Awards
Nomination for Best in Cross-Platform (Fiction) 2012
Site of the Day - November 13th 2012
Personal Role

Developed HTML5 mobile friendly applications within the Byzantium Tests application framework. Integrated CDN support to existing application framework optimizing asset load times for users during peak usage. Setup and maintained production level servers on Amazon Web Services which maintained total integrity while delivering content to thousands of concurrent user connections.

Technology Used
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • Amazon Web Services (CDN)
  • Custom Apache Configurations
Project Photos

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