Fisher Innovation MyDataFurnace (2011) is a online platform to aid in setting up consumer electronics to heat your home, small office, or any other small space. We use the power of the graphical processing unit to work with online distrbuted computing platforms in order to generate heat offset from the internal computer components. When these systems are setup properly and monitored with the platform, you can easily automated your heating system to maintain a constant comfortable indoor temperature.

Project Overview

MyDataFurnace supports multiple distributed computing projects, so feel free to generate heat from a cause that best suits you. The easy to use user dashboard allows you to configure and modify your setup any time. All Data Furnaces are configured with a active and passive computing setup. This means if the project you are working for goes down, the passive project workload takes over, thus allowing for seamless fail over and no loss of heat output.

The concept is actually quiet simple – the majority of the world uses devices that create heat directly from a electrical source which has no purpose other then to create heat. What if we could create a device that could generate useable heat from the offset of hardware that performed a beneficial task?

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